When Couples Fight: Understanding Out-of-Control Emotions

Emotions are incredibly complicated and it’s not uncommon for our emotions to get us into trouble when communicating with our spouse or partner. Have you ever said exactly the thing that you know will hurt your partner or make them upset? Chances are you have. Did it...

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Anxiety Myths (Or What Your Anxiety Wants You to Believe)

The problem with anxiety is that it’s tricky and there’s a fair amount of misinformation out there. If you’re like many others who suffer from anxiety, there’s a good chance that your anxiety has convinced you of some fairly unhelpful facts. Add that to the...

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Personality Differences as a Source of Conflict

How do marriage and couples problems develop and evolve? This blog post is the first in a series of four posts that will take an in-depth look at how problems develop in intimate relationships. Basically, it can be said that intimate relationship problems are caused...

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Fighting Couples. What Starts the Fights?

What starts fights between members of a couple and what do they fight about? In the 1970’s a psychologist by the name of Don Peterson tried to answer this question. He found that typically there are four types of events that start or trigger arguments between...

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